Oyaide TUNAMI TERZO RR V2 1.0m Pair RCA Interconnect Cable

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・ Basic structure introduced the patented technology “3E twist” in the world for the twisting of conductors while inheriting the first “TUNAMI TERZO”.
・ “3E twist” is a patented technique that geometrically twists element wires with different wire diameters to densify the conductor.
・ Exterior is elegant pearl white color, urethane sheath with excellent durability.
・ Marking “TUNAMI TERZO V2” “102SSC” on the sheath marking, clearly indicating the V2 model.
・ The RCA plug of TUNAMI TERZO RR V2 is fitted with a collet chuck type “GENESIS” which is platinum / rhodium plated on contact with phosphor bronze.
・ Plugs and cables are soldered with lead-free silver solder “SS-47” dedicated to sound.
・ With an interconnect cable, it is an exceptionally thick conductor cross section (1.25 SQ), reducing signal transmission loss.
・ For the insulating material, use a high molecular weight polyolefin which has an extremely low dielectric constant of 1/4 as compared with PVC.
・ Noise is shut out by 3 layers shielding by electromagnetic wave absorber / carbon layer / copper foil / lateral winding shield.
・ Precise conductor 102SSC is adopted also for the side-wound shield, and 160 lines are arranged with 0.12 mm line without gaps.

Brand: Oyaide
Model number: TUNAMI TERZO RR V2(102 SSC)
RCA plug: GENESIS ( phosphorus bronze cutting out contact +Platinum / rhodium plated )


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